The American Bonanza Society Published Our Aircraft Co-Ownership Guide

by | Sep 3, 2022 | Connecting Aviators, News | 0 comments

The American Bonanza Society magazine published our guide “A Pilot’s View of Aircraft Co-Ownership Structures.” It’s an excellent article said, Tom Turner, Executive Director of the ABS Safety Foundation and Editor of ABS magazine. Tom is an advocate for finding and sharing good information on airplane co-ownerships.

Thousands of pilots have been attracted to the value found in airplane co-ownerships. The concept is simple. It’s several people getting together and agreeing to share the responsibilities and cost for airplane ownership.

In this guide, we provide context and review the most common aircraft co-ownership legal structures and administrative documents. You can find the article in the September 2022 ABS magazine or download a free copy from our website resources page click here.