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Interactive Aviator Software to help pilots find, connect, and share their passion for flying with fellow aviators. 

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Pilot Connections

Connecting Aviators makes it easy to organize and sort your pilot connections and their key information in one place.  And, will help you meet new pilots at fly in destinations or your home airport.

“My pilot connections were scattered among other contacts and didn’t contain key pilot information, like, aircraft type, certificate rating, or total flight time.  Connecting Aviators organizes and sorts contacts based on information pilots want to know.”

Jeffrey S. Brewer – President & Founder Connecting Aviators


Where are my friends flying this week?  Who are the new pilots that I’ve not met at my home airport? Is there an airplane co-ownership or flying club close to me? It’s hit or miss trying to find this information, but Connecting Aviators is bringing it all together in one place for easy visibility.

“I’ve been going to six different Facebook sites to find out where my friends are flying.  Connecting Aviators brings it all together in one place.”

P. Y. – Houston, TX

Secure Community

Many pilots know, posting aviation conversations on public social platforms can be problematic.  Connecting Aviators is designed by pilots for pilots.  It’s not open to the general public.  Non-pilots can log in as a guest, but their access to features and information is limited. True user identity is a community value and member requirement.  

“We’re committed to safe conversations and true user identity.  We will enforce our Community Member Policies on Connecting Aviators.  If you see content that violates our guidelines, please help keep the community safe by reporting it to us.”

Jeffrey S. Brewer – President & Founder Connecting Aviators

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Connecting Aviators® now available on iPhone & iPad