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Designed by pilots to connect with pilots

Pilots now have the opportunity to find, connect and share their passion for flying through Connecting Aviators, the app with exclusive Interactive Aviator Software features. Connecting Aviators is ideal for general aviation pilots.   

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The Essential Pilot Profile

Connecting Aviators is the only app with pilot profiles unique to general aviation. Information important to pilots is organized all in one app. Display your pilot bio and aviation accomplishments. You’ve worked hard to achieve them. And see other pilots’ bios and ratings. Traveling or relocating to a new airport? We can help. Meeting new friends with the same passion for flying as you are are just a click away.

“My pilot connections were scattered among other contacts and didn’t contain key pilot information, like, aircraft type, certificate rating, or total flight time.  Connecting Aviators organizes and sorts contacts based on information pilots want to know.”

Jeffrey S. Brewer – CEO & Founder, Connecting Aviators


Expand your horizons and discover new connections. Our exclusive map view organizes information by airports: member pilots, aircraft co-ownerships, flying clubs, aviation events and businesses.

Where are my friends flying this week?  Who are the new pilots at my home airport I’ve not met? Is there an airplane co-ownership or flying club close to me? It’s hit or miss trying to find this info on other apps, but Connecting Aviators is bringing it all together in one place for easy visibility.

“A good co-ownership actually adds value above and beyond just spreading the costs.”

Emiliano B. – Houston, TX

Shared Aircraft Ownership

Shared aircraft ownership can lower flying and acquisition costs 50% – 75%; however, finding the best pilots for an aircraft co-ownership can be time consuming and expensive. But it should not be that way.  We’re building a free national listing of aircraft co-ownerships by airport that will help many pilots lower their participation costs in general aviation.  Your best aviation partnership may be just a second-degree connection away on Connecting Aviators.

“Joining or creating a partnership with the right co-owners will greatly enhance your GA experience.”

Dan C. – Bellaire, Texas


Learn where people are flying this week with iSorties™. Find fly-ins, educational seminars or aviation events.  It’s free and easy to schedule an iSortie with your connections and receive real-time notifications on who will attend.  Map view and landing page will display iSorties based on the airport ID in your pilot profile and from your pilot connections.

“I’ve been going to six different Facebook sites to find out where my friends are flying.  We’ve needed an app like Connecting Aviators to bring it all together in one place.”

Paul Y. – Houston, TX

Secure Community

True user identity is a community value and member user requirement. Connecting Aviators offers pilots a secure community in contrast to public social platforms, which most pilots know can be problematic. 

You have choices about your profile information, such as, your home airport, aircraft, ratings, flight hours, and aviation memberships. You don’t have to provide info, but your profile helps you get more from our Services, including helping pilots find you and relevant member event notifications. 

Connecting Aviators’ mission is to help pilots connect. Central to this mission is our commitment to be transparent concerning the data we collect about you, how it is used and with whom it is shared.  Additional information is described in our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. You’re PIC of your pilot profile. 

Connecting Aviators is designed by pilots to connect with pilots™

“We’re committed to safe conversations and true user identity.  We will enforce our User Agreement and Professional Community Policies.  If you see content that violates our guidelines, please help keep the community safe by reporting it to us.”

Jeffrey S. Brewer – CEO & Founder, Connecting Aviators

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Now available on iPhone & iPad