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GA Pilots

Large social media apps are out there, but validation testing has found pilots are discontent with some of these social platforms. When aviation is on their mind, they don’t like wading through unrelated content. It’s time consuming. And, pilots know posting aviation conversations on general public forums can be problematic.

In the United States, there are 644,000 registered pilots within a population of 328,000,000 million. Pilots are outnumbered 500:1 by the general public. So, it’s not been easy to just connect with other pilots – until now.

Connecting Aviators makes it simple to connect with pilots. Join for Free.

Glider Pilots

There are more than 19,000 glider pilots who enjoy the sport called “soaring” in the United States and the country has over 200 sites where pilots meet weekly to soar.  Connecting Aviators® helps glider pilots find, connect and share their passion for soaring. 

Soaring is a group sport.  The free feature iSorties™ allows pilots to create a soaring notice and verify key participants’ responses.  It’s easy to confirm glider pilots, wing runners, ground support and areo-tow attendance.

You can add photos to iSorties™ events, share, comment and like.  Connecting aviators with soaring is part of our Vision.

Aircraft Co-Ownership

Participation in General Aviation can be expensive. But studies have shown the cost of airplane acquisition and flying can be reduced 50% to 75% through co-ownership which allows for the sharing of fixed expenses, such as, hangar, insurance, subscriptions, maintenance and capital acquisition costs. We’ve learned finding the right pilots to form a partnership can be time consuming and expensive. But it should not be that way.

A national listing of airplane co-ownerships by airport doesn’t exist. It’s been tried several times before and failed. Three primary issues nosedived the attempts: First, true user identity was not maintained. Secondly, the solution was complex (simple is hard). And third, the target market was too narrow.


Student Pilots

In the United States, there are more than 197,000 student pilots. We welcome new pilots into general aviation and want to encourage each one to complete their private pilot training.

Connecting Aviators® can help student pilots connect with other pilots in their area for camaraderie, encouragement and learning.  Join us in supporting aspiring student pilots.

We believe each pilot should be Pilot in Command (PIC) over their profile information (see our Privacy Policy for details).

Connecting Aviators®

Join us in our quest to build a national directory for aircraft co-ownerships by airport and reserve your free listing today. Simply, join Connecting Aviators (for free) and let us know you’re interested in shared aircraft ownership.