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The Essential Pilot Profile

Connecting Aviators is the only app with pilot profiles unique to general aviation. Pilots can display their aviation achievements and see other pilots’ profiles and ratings. Aviation information important to pilots is organized all in one app.

Our Services include data from FAA landing facilities and aircraft registrations. Your landing page and map view are based on the airport in your pilot profile. Enter a landing facility identifier and be sure to tap the drop-down airport selection to synch with our Services. Do you own or rent an aircraft? You can enter the N-number and our Services will auto-fill manufacturer, model, year, and serial number.

You have choices about your profile information, such as, your home airport, aircraft, ratings, flight hours, and aviation memberships. You don’t have to provide info, but your profile helps you get more from our Services, including helping pilots find you and relevant member event notifications. 

Connecting Aviators’ mission is to help pilots connect. Central to this mission is our commitment to be transparent concerning the data we collect about you, how it is used and with whom it is shared.  Additional information is described in our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. You’re PIC of your pilot profile.  Go to Main Menu, Settings to control the information seen by other members.

  • Create your pilot profile
  • List your FAA Ratings and Endorsements
  • True user identity is a community value & member requirement

Pilot Connections

“You’re one in a million.” In the United States, within a population of 328,000,000 million there are only 644,000 pilots. Aviators are outnumbered 500:1. So, it has not been easy to just connect with other pilots – until now.

Connecting Aviators makes it simple to connect with pilots. In map view, sort by pilots and tap the pilot icon at your home airport. A list of member pilots will display, and you can send a connect invitation or go to your Connections screen and send an invitation a friend.

Organize and sort all your pilot connections and their key information in one place. 

  • Meet new pilots
  • Organize your pilot contacts in one place
  • Sort by aircraft type, certificate, airport, etc. 

Landing Page

Your “landing” or home page displays information based on the airport entered in your pilot profile and from your connections.  Each landing facility is a unique communication channel for that local airport and community.  If you want to follow more airports, upgrade from free to a paid subscription.

All 19,000 United States FAA landing facilities are included in Connecting Aviators API, for example Airports, Balloonports, Gliderports, Heliports, STOLports, Seaplane Bases and Ultralight Facilities.

  • Landing Page info = Your Home Airport & Connections
  • 19,000 FAA Landing Facilities
  • 19,000 Unique Channels for Local Information

Map View

The exclusive map view organizes information by airport – member pilots, aircraft co-ownerships, flying clubs and aviation events. All 19,000 FAA landing facilities are included in the Connecting Aviators API.

Icons display up to 4 categories which include: member pilots, iSorties, aircraft co-ownerships, and flying clubs.  You can view all 4 categories or sort by just one.  The pilot icon has a counter that displays by airport the number of Connecting Aviators members.  

Usually, an iSortie will have a notice posted at two airports.  The take-off icon denotes the fly-out airport.  The landing icon denotes the fly-in airport. Non-pilots can see icons for fly-ins but not fly-out notices, unless specifically invited by a pilot.

Zoom in to see activity at your home airport, local area or travel destinations or quickly search by airport.

  • Find and connect with pilots near you
  • Visibility into local flying events
  • Find a flying club near you
  • Aircraft co-ownership listings by airport


Connecting Aviators ® includes messaging which allows you to message pilots in your connections and also include friends not yet using the app. Now all your aviation conversations can be organized in one place.   

  • Organize pilot conversations in one place 
  • Remove the “noise” of non-pilot messages
  • Avoid the social media turbulence on other sites


“Birds of a feather.” Want to meet new friends, see unique aircraft and enjoy more flying?  Connecting Aviators makes it easy to find or create events with the app feature iSorties™.

iSorties™ allows pilots to post a fly-in notice and track responses. You can send the notice to specific individuals or simply share with just your Connecting Aviators® contacts.  The notice is displayed in map and home airport view, but for those not on your list the details are limited.

Glider pilots enjoy the group sport called soaring.  With iSorties™ you can create a soaring notice for free and verify key participants’ responses.  Easily confirm glider pilots, wing runners, ground support and aero-tow attendance.  Each person’s response is visible to the group.  And, updates or changes are received as real-time notifications so everyone stays the same page. 

Connecting Aviators not visible to the general public, so iSorties™ gives you more control over who sees your post.  Flying notices on public social media sites can be problematic. Why take the risk? 

  • Announce a local flying event
  • Join pilots at a lunch fly-in
  • Find Member Only Events

“iSorties gives me visibility into local fly-ins, so I can easily join a group with my plane for the famous $100 hamburger run.”

Kimberly B. 
Houston, TX

Aircraft Shared Ownerships

 The cost of airplane acquisition and flying can be reduced by 50% to 75% through shared ownership.  We’re building a national directory for aircraft co-ownerships by airport.  Each member can reserve one free listing.  Simply, join Connecting Aviators (for free) and let us know you’re interested in shared aircraft ownership.

Listings are grouped into 3 categories: Existing, Seeking & Starting. Existing co-ownerships already have an aircraft and want to add a co-owner.  Members that list “Seeking” want to join an Existing or Startup co-ownership.  The “Starting” category is for co-ownerships in the process of forming.

Shared Aircraft Ownership opportunities are listed in “Connections” and displayed by airport with an icon in “Map” view.  Upgrade to a paid subscription to receive automatic notifications on aircraft co-ownerships near you and to see who’s viewed your listing.


  • Post an aircraft co-ownership listing for free
  • Find an aircraft shared ownership to join
  • Startup an aircraft co-ownership

“Join Connecting Aviators for free and focus on what you love.”

Jeff B. – Houston, TX

More Features

I’m Seeking to Join a Co-Ownership

  • Share info about the ideal co-ownership you’d want to join.
  • Let other pilots see your profile
  • See who’s viewed your listing

I have an Existing Co-Ownership

  • Share details about your existing aircraft co-ownership.
  • Find a new co-owner
  • See who’s viewed your listing

I’m Starting a Co-Ownership

  • Share details about the co-ownership you’re starting.
  • Find another pilot for a co-ownership startup.
  • See who’s viewed your listing

Available on iPhone and iPad