Connecting Aviators releases version 2.0

by | Jan 24, 2022 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

We’re proud to announce, Connecting Aviators® version 2.0 software is now available in the App Store and goes live with valuable new features:

  1. The only free coast-to-coast catalog for airplane partnerships. It’s free and easy for pilots to post a listing.
  2. Pilots can save 50% – 75% on airplane purchase and recurring fixed costs through shared ownership.
  3. Flying Clubs and aviation businesses can post a basic listing for free or upgrade to premium.
  4. Exclusive map view brings it all together by airport: co-ownerships, flying clubs, fly-ins and pilot profiles.

With a paid subscription, members access more features, including the ability to add more than one airport to display their listing, seeing who’s viewed their listing or pilot profile, adding more photos, and an expanded map range view.

Download on iPhone and iPad. Join for free.

Connecting Aviators is our vision.