UI/UX Design Work for Phase 1 Started

by | Sep 1, 2020 | Connecting Aviators | 0 comments

In August 2020, we organized our processes around Phase 1 UI/UX design work to complete screen versions for hand-off to the development team. We’re creating an opportunity for pilots to find, connect and share their passion for flying through a new app with exclusive Interactive Aviator Software features. Key elements will include:

  1. The only app with pilot profiles unique to general aviation.
  2. Exclusive map view that organizes information by airports – member pilots, aircraft co-ownerships, flying clubs and aviation events.
  3. A free national listing of aircraft co-ownerships by airport.
  4. Visibility into where people are flying this week for lunch runs, educational seminars and member events with the app feature iSorties™.
  5. A secure pilot community in contrast to public social platforms, which most pilots know can be problematic. True user identity is a member user requirement.

The app is ideal for general aviation pilots and particularly those interested in aircraft co-ownerships or flying clubs, which can lower flying and acquisition costs by 50% – 75%. A pilot’s best aviation partnership may be just a second-degree connection away on Connecting Aviators.