Aircraft co-ownerships can save pilots 50% to 75%

by | Mar 9, 2020 | Aircraft Co-Ownership | 0 comments

General Aviation flying can be expensive.  But studies have shown the cost of airplane acquisition and flying can be reduced 50% – 75% through co-ownership which allows for the sharing of fixed expenses, such as, hangar, insurance, subscriptions, maintenance and capital acquisition costs.  We’ve learned finding the right pilots to form a partnership can be time consuming and expensive. But it should not be that way.

A national listing of airplane c0-ownerships doesn’t exist.  It’s been tried several times before and failed.  Three primary issues nosedived the attempts:  First, true user identity was not maintained.  Secondly, the solution was complex (simple is hard).  And, third the app target market was too narrow.

Join us in our quest to build a national directory for aircraft shared ownerships and reserve your free listing today. Simply, join Connecting Aviators® (for free) and let us know you’re interested in shared aircraft ownership.